Support for Raspberry Pi Extensions and External Sources in Replit IDE

Feature Request:

I would like to request support for Raspberry Pi extensions in Replit. This would allow users to connect their Raspberry Pi devices to the Replit IDE and utilize its programming features, making it more convenient for developers who use Raspberry Pi for their projects.

As part of this feature request, I suggest adding an “Add URL” button to the beta explorer to enable users to load extensions from other sources. This would allow users to install and use extensions that are not available through the official Replit extension marketplace, including Raspberry Pi extensions.

However, it is important to note that enabling extensions from other sources can potentially pose security risks to the Replit environment. Therefore, a warning message should be displayed to users when they attempt to add an extension from an external source, informing them of the potential risks and advising them to only add extensions from trusted sources.

By adding support for Raspberry Pi extensions and enabling users to load extensions from external sources through the beta explorer, Replit would become a more versatile platform for developers and provide them with additional tools to streamline their development process.


Extensions are still in development and only released to explorers. As part of the closed alpha, I was able to create some extensions using the APIs. We were able to use an Add URL feature to install our extensions for testing (or any other extension) and publish to a store. Of course, the flow will be extremely different because of security risks as mentioned. However, I’ve had confirmation from a team member that we’ll be able to create our own extensions with the new extension system and publish them to the store.


Finally we can bring @PikachuB2005’s bot to life with RPi!


thanks! this is a great idea, we’ve actually prototyped with raspberry pi support built into replit before :slight_smile: