Support for PNPM in Node Template

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Support for PNPM in Node Templates

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Using pnpm in node project

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It would be great if Replit could add support for using PNPM in the Node templates. PNPM is a fast and efficient package manager for Node that offers significant advantages over other package managers, including reduced disk usage and faster installation speeds. Many developers have started adopting PNPM as their primary package manager, and it would be beneficial if Replit could support it in the Node templates. Please consider adding support for PNPM in the Node templates. Thank you!

Could you try adding pkgs.pnpm to your replit.nix file?

but that removes the point of pnpm because you only have one project per repl and the cache is cleared every time the repl restarts

Replit are working on making a central node_modules for all repls, which would likely have a similar effect to pnpm

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Yes, you are correct. However, for some formal projects that are based on PNPM to manage dependencies, running them occasionally on Replit can be very helpful. It allows developers to quickly check on the status of the project and make any necessary changes if needed.