[Support]: Downgrade to Hacker plan

[Account issue]: Dear support team,

I trust this message finds you in good spirits and excellent health. I’m reaching out today in the hopes of receiving some guidance and assistance regarding my current subscription plan with Replit. Currently, I am in the middle of the trial period for the Pro plan, which is priced at $20 per month. However, I am hoping to switch to the more affordable Hacker plan, which costs $7 per month, before my trial period concludes on November 10, 2023.

This request comes as a result of an unexpected and considerable strain on my financial resources. I am a student in higher education, and as you may know, financial resources can be quite tight. My budget is extremely limited, and every bit of savings is crucial.

The Pro plan, while feature-rich and comprehensive, has started to feel like a luxury that is becoming increasingly difficult to justify given my tight budget. In contrast, the Hacker plan is emerging as a more economically feasible option, ensuring that I can continue to enjoy the benefits of a Replit subscription without pushing my finances to the limit.

Even though I am requesting a downgrade, I am confident that the features offered by the Hacker plan will sufficiently meet the requirements of my ongoing projects and academic commitments. This plan includes unlimited private Repls, a fast and responsive workspace, and a substantial amount of compute units for Autoscale deployments, which are all essential for my work.

My goal is simple: I wish to transition my trial period to the Hacker plan and, at the end of the trial on November 10, 2023, continue my subscription with Replit under the Hacker plan using the payment method I have already set up on my account.

I understand that there might be specific procedures to follow for this transition, and I am fully prepared and willing to participate in each step to ensure a smooth and hassle-free change. Additionally, I would greatly appreciate any advice or information on how prorated charges or refunds might be handled in case the plan change occurs in the middle of a billing cycle.

I am grateful for the time and attention you are giving to this matter. Your prompt response and assistance are crucial for me, and I am ready to provide any additional information or clarification needed to resolve this issue swiftly.

Thank you once again for your invaluable support.

Best regards

Juan Galaz Amengual

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