Super Long and time into Draft Got Deleted + add Tutorials Category

First short thing: Add a #tutorials for user made tutorials for people or #templates

Second thing:

I made a maybe 1000 word or so draft, a tutorial on how to color text in C++ and Python last night and was gonna post it when my mute was done… but I woke up and checked the forums a few minutes ago: I found my draft replaced with some random draft of a bug report, which I did not make! I lost my 1000 word draft that took a bunch of time as I had to check the code and make sure I typed it right. I don’t even know why this happened, I didn’t click the new button. I also created a different draft before that one which is saved on a text editor, but my tutorial draft has been completely wiped off the planet of earth.

Tutorials and templates can go in #general:showcase!

Unfotently you can only have 1 draft for a topic at a time. It has been requested many times on meta but IIRC its not a priority.

I did only have one draft, I deleted the previous and pasted it somewhere else. After I made the tutorial I got off ask and logged back on half an hour later, the draft was still there.

Ok. If you provide solid repro steps I will investigate later.

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As in follow the steps from first creating the topic?