Suggestion: Improvements to forking

I have some issues with how forking works. Running repls is very unintuitive, and forking leads to random unmodified repls cluttering up a users profile, as well as taking up lots of space and being open to abuse.

  1. The Fork & Run button is added, as shown in the social updates blog post. I know this would replace the search bar but the search bar goes so unused it would make sense to put it next to the ? and + buttons at the top as a magnifying glass icon. I would suggest keeping the Fork button, because this can be useful when you are forking your own repls. The reason I suggest adding this is that with the removal of the run button altogether, as well as the removal of comments, people get really confused of how to use it.
  2. Unmodified forked repls are moved to the bin after 7 days. Exceptions to this are if the repl you forked had you as a multiplayer or was owned by you, or in a template.
  3. When pressing the Fork & Run button, you will be asked if you want to use an existing repl. This does not apply to the Fork button.
  4. Pressing the Fork & Run button as the owner of the repl takes you into your repl.
  5. When forking a repl/creating a repl with a template/importing from github, a bar at the bottom indicates how much space creating/forking a repl takes up, meaning that people cannot make a massive repl that instantly uses up all your storage quota after forking.
  6. When creating/forking a repl/importing from github, you get an option to change how much more storage it can take up (e.g. having a growing log file). This stops someone from being able get around the indicator of how much storage a repl takes up. This is set to 512 MB when forking/using an unofficial template/importing from github and 2 GB when using an official template. You can disable this limit, however, and adjust it after creation though the same button that shows you RAM/CPU usage
  7. Intentionally making repls that take up lots of space after forking results in a warning. This only really applies if you make it take up more and more storage, and do so intentionally. I have seen some people accidentally do this, so Iā€™m not entirely sure how this would work.