"Suggest" multiplayer type

Describe your feature request
So currently you can invite a user to a Repl for read-write, read-only (however can only work with extensions such as XL Replit). I’d wish to see a “suggest” invite type, which would be similar in the way Google Docs does their suggest edits invite type.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Having to set up a private Git repo for someone to contribute. Yeah sure you could just temporarily read-write invite them but then you wouldn’t really be able to mark down what they added (or removed) + you wouldn’t be able to perhaps work at the same time as a file they’re working on may have been changed slightly and their copy wouldn’t be the same. It just helps to work in real-time.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Absolutely nothing. Just a random shower thought.


I mean technically everyone has read-only access to a Repl through the cover page, the only additional thing you could be allowed to see is the secrets and I can’t see a reason for wanting to give someone permission to read your code and see your secrets… That said, the cover page is usually really slow in my experience and I agree, a properly implemented read-only permission would be awesome.


That’s not what I meant - I was saying that someone could edit the code but it has to be approved by a read-write editor or maybe the repl owner in order to be put on the Repl.

Also read-only is basically only useful for Private repls - it’s basically like just being able to share the Spotlight page with someone so they can run the Repl without the added risk of them being able to edit the code and anyone else being able to see it.


Oh so like suggesting on Google Docs? … oh it’s in the OP lol, I misread, that sounds very different, but definitely very useful. :smile: