Students Testing Replits in Classroom lab

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I’m still new to Replit so I’m don’t know all of the ins and outs of this platform yet but I had a question that maybe somebody can help out with.

I run a programming class (using the Teams option) and our final project is to create a console game. I want to spend the last 2 days having students try out each other’s games and provide user feedback. As we are in a computer lab I could get students to open their projects on their computer and move around to a partner and test each others game. I want to do this 4 to 5 times so that there is a reasonable amount of feedback given to each student.

I would like to avoid having students leave their computers on and walk away while others test play their games.

Question: Is there a way to safe link/display the game while preventing the original code from being changed/tampered with.

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You could have students put ?embed=1 at the end of their repl url, then click “Run” in upper right to start the console game.

For example, if a student’s repl is opened in workspace with url like [](`), add ?embed=1 so it’s like:

Any link except the join link will send a user to the cover page if they do not own and are not invited to edit a Repl. If you are part of the same team, however, then you want the cover page or embed page. The cover page is at ?v=1, and you’ve already found the embed page.