Students moving between firewalled and normal Replit

I’m looking into using firewalled replit as my students are very young (9-12 year olds), and I don’t want them to have the capacity to engage in discussion with other users from outside our organisation. But when I use firewalled Replit, there is a big orange message with a link to Exit Firewall Mode. They seem to be able to just click this link and access the Community. I must be missing something here, but I’m not sure what!
I would have hoped that if their account was created (without email address) from my Teams link in Firewalled Replit, that their account would not operate on the non-firewalled Replit. Any help would be appreciated, as I’m concerned that our access will be cut off if my student accounts can still easily access the Community features (ie ability to engage in discussions with unknown adults)

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I think the goal here is for the schools to block the normal replit website.

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I just tested it and I did not know that was there. And I don’t think it should be. Can you please make a feature request to get that removed?


Yes, I agree that could work if your students were contained in one school (and the whole school wanted it blocked - you might for example want older students using the full Replit). Unfortunately my students are from multiple schools across our system, and many also work from home (which obviously you can’t block). I need to know that if I’ve invited a student to create a Replit account, and they are working from home on tasks that I have set, that they are not going to easily get into a situation where they can be having conversations with strangers within an environment that I have put them in. (There are enough other ways they can get into trouble, but at least I wouldn’t be the person who has led them there!)