Students Can't See Instructions

Problem description:
I am using Teams for Education, and students are not able to see the instructions I have added to any of the projects. When I first set up the team, students had an “Instructions” button they could click to view them, but that appears to be missing now.

Expected behavior:
Students should be able to click to view instructions.

Actual behavior:
There is no where for to go to view the instructions.

Steps to reproduce:
I published my project with the instructions added under “Lesson.” Going into the project as a student, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to go to view them.

Bug appears at this link: (student view only)

Chrome, Windows 10

Hey @trourke1!

If they open up a new tab in the workspace, they should be able to open up the “Instructions” pane:

Do they see that option?

My students are having the same problem. I told them to open a new tab and select Instructions, however when they open a new tab there is no option for Instructions. I have looked at there site and verified that this is indeed the problem. I am posting a pdf file with instructions at the moment, but this is not best case.

This appears to be the same issue as: Instructions Tab not Popping Up. Please go there for further updates.

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