Student Tutorial/Walkthrough for Replit Teams for Edu

Are there any tutorials or walkthroughs showing what the Teams for Edu experience looks like from the student perspective? Things like:

  • Joining a class Team
  • Running the test cases for a project (and the differences between I/O and unit tests)
  • Submitting a project
  • Chatting or leaving comments with instructors

I just want to make sure something like this already exists before I potentially end up reinventing wheels. I already looked at the Teams for Education section of the Replit Docs, and those seem to be written for instructors instead of students.

Hi @drseagal !
I believe @DavidAtReplit did a video about the features for Teams for EDU.
You can take a look at it, it’s somewhere on the Teams page.

Hi @NateDhaliwal ,

Thanks for the help! I looked through the videos, but they also seem intended more for teachers and admin than students. I’m trying to find something that more centers the student experience with using Teams for Edu as part of a programming course.

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Hi @drseagal , I may be wrong, but a video like that doesn’t exist. Maybe you could try digging around in Replit’s Youtube, or even create one yourself!

I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t something more official from Replit, but I’m fine cobbling something together for my classes. Thanks again for your help @NateDhaliwal

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