Student Re-submission Notification

After I review a student’s code and then mark it as reviewed, even if the student re-submits, it is still marked as ‘green’ and complete on my dashboard.

How can I find out a student has re-submitted besides the notification? I have 150 students working on several projects so I can’t just constantly monitor my notifications. Is there a way that the green circle can return to ‘waiting to be reviewed’ after the student hits re-submit?

What does re-submit do anyway? I can see their Repl all the time (even if it hasn’t been submitted) so what is the point of the student hitting re-submit if it doesn’t reset the review process?

I have student’s fixing and re-submitting projects and I just don’t know how I am supposed to know that it is ready for re-grading and review again.

EDIT: Just by googling, I found this article: Replit Docs - assignment-submission

I would love something like this in Teams for Education where I can look at my student’s work and then ‘send it back to them’ so that they can fix it and then they can re-submit it and send it back to me. I allow my student’s to fix code an unlimited number of times until they get 100% but I do have to input grades in the meantime so I need to know when an assignment is ready for re-grading.

Is Repl Classrooms different from Teams for Education? If so, it seems like this might be more useful for my purposes.


Hi @evanpatten and thanks for this feedback! We are working on improving this now, so this is very helpful.

I’d love your insight on something: If I were to sit down and grade all the work as a teacher, then a student comes through the next day and decides to resubmit, it would show up in my teacher view as if I didn’t grade it. Would this be confusing to you as a teacher or helpful?

cc: @MissStrong @AndyColley @patilsandeep @davidwild @TClark for your feedback on the above as well!

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This is a very good point. As a teacher, I would like to see

  1. Marked as resubmitted, when resubmitted. Maybe a new color code. Ideally, I would like students not to be able to resubmit if already marked, unless I request a resubmission.
  2. A way to know that I have asked a student to resubmit as shown in the help document link above.

I give my students unlimited resubmissions on every project so I would definitely appreciate better support for resubmissions. One thing that clicking Resubmit currently does, aside from sending you a notification, is that it puts a yellow circle in front of the student’s project in the navigation menu within the Team for Education menu in the sidebar, just like new submissions do. I’ve been using that to catch resubmissions, but it’s a tedious process since I have to click on each project and manually look for the yellow circles.


I would be fine with that. I put all my grades into Canvas since there is no way currently to put grades in in Repl (this would be a great feature for the future). So if I mark it as reviewed and they re-submit, I just want some way to know easily that has happened so I can go and re-grade it. If I were to mark a submission as reviewed and then the student re-submits, and it now shows up as submitted but ungraded (yellow - waiting for feedback) then that would work as a way to notify me that I need to re-grade.

Right now, I’m ‘unsubmitting’ all of my student’s submissions so that they have the option to submit it again and it will show it as yellow for me, but doing it this way doesn’t let the student know that I’ve reviewed and graded their work which is also a problem.

Also, is there a way to sort the project overview screen by nickname? Because it has been really frustrating grading in Canvas and viewing submissions in Repl Teams when I can’t sort the project screen by my student’s names (the nicknames I gave each of them).

I have 150 Programming 1 students right now so I would like to be able to just scan through the projects overview list every so often and easily see what needs to be graded and re-graded. The best is if I could sort by those students who are in the ‘waiting for feedback’ state. More sorting and filtering would help so much since I have so many students.

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I also give them unlimited re-submissions. Since it is a coding class, they have to do work every time they fix and re-submit (there is not just one right answer) so I want them to fix it until it works, but the current Repl system for that is frustrating.


@lena Any news on this? It looks like when a student re-submits, it is still showing as a check mark for me. I would really like it show as ‘waiting for review’ when they click re-submit. I am still having to ‘unsubmit’ all of my student’s assignments so that they can re-submit and I can actually know that they have.

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Hi @evanpatten, @mikewesthad is working on it now! We’re just working out all of the kinks and ensuring that the design will not impact any users negatively.

Right now, we are asking ourselves and you, our users:
Should re-submitted projects be given an entirely different status in the Projects Overview? Should they look like regular new submissions or be differentiated from them?

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(Jumping to in summarize the issue and feedback so far, so that I can direct some of our other teachers here to discuss!)

We hear you that the re-submission process needs improvement. Currently, if you review a student project, and then that student re-submits their assignment, you get a notification, but nothing changes in the project overview page. The submission simply stays “reviewed.” You have to manually “unreview” or “unsubmit” the student’s work to reset the reviewed status.

We are considering two alternatives in the short term:

  1. Should a re-submitted work simply clear the “review” status so that the work shows up to you as “needing review” under the project overview page and elsewhere?
  2. Should the work show up under a new status (e.g. “needs another review”) in your overview page and elsewhere to indicate that you have already reviewed an earlier submission but may want to re-evaluate the work?

Any teachers, feel free to jump in and let us know what you think!


Hi Mike,

The second option seems better than the first option. Having a new status wouldn’t be disruptive for teachers who only look at the first submission and it would be informative for teachers who allow resubmissions.

Another possibility (albeit not short term) would be to have a setting to make projects single-submission or multi-submission.


I agree with @MissStrong, I think the second option would be more informative. The first option would work and be much better than what we have now, but the second would allow me to differentiate between students who just need a grade because they haven’t ever submitted and students who are revising so I can maybe prioritize grading the students who need a base grade.

Either one would be a huge improvement on what we have now.

I also agree that for the future, it might be nice to be able to set how many submissions they can have (A set number or unlimited). I also conduct a programming exam through Repl teams, and I worry that the students will go back in after the test and change their program before I grade it so I just unpublish and re-publish the test for every period which works for now, but long-term might be nice if they were limited on how many times they could submit and just wouldn’t be allowed to edit at all after they submit once on projects allowing only one submission.


@lena Is this still in the works? Figuring out my workflow for second term and wondering what to plan on as far as using Teams for Education with assignments that need re-submissions.

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Yes, we’re still working on this! Focusing on a couple high-priority projects first, but you should see this v

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I made a Discourse account to post something about this, but after posting it, I discovered this thread, and my post feels very redundant. So I’ve deleted that and will just weigh in here. I hope a bump isn’t a big problem.

I also want my students to keep re-submitting until they get it right. I think that it is better to have a distinct needs another review status instead of appearing as a fresh submission, but needs review coupled with this was reviewed before, here is the date when that happened really covers those bases. Mostly, I just want to easily locate submissions where the Submitted date is more recent than the Last Reviewed date, (if any):

Ideally, version control would allow me to compare (a la diff) the original assignment skeleton or past submission to the current submission.

I don’t know how and if students can resubmit multiple times but you should (kinda) be able to compare with the version history. Hit the button (image below) and you can view the history of all files.


And as of now we don’t really care if you bump a topic.

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Thanks! That’s a good feature. I guess I meant that there’s no indication of the state of the Repl at the point of submission. The history feature shows the entire history, which may (?) include changes made after the Submit button is clicked. I guess a careful comparison of dates (which are not on the same screen) can allow for comparing those exact moments.

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