Student nicknames not appearing in submissions pull-down

Problem description:

When allowing students to sign in groups in Teams for Education, the nicknames that I assigned the students are not always appearing in the Submissions - instead it seems to be reverting to their replit user IDs, which are much harder to figure out.

Expected behavior:

I expect to see the nicknames in the Submissions pull-down menu.

Actual behavior:

For some students, I see nicknames - for others, I see what I think are their replit user IDs

Steps to reproduce:

Open a project, start to grade it

Bug appears at this link:

I can’t post this due to FERPA.


N/A, but I am using Safari / macOS

Can you send me a screenshot/screen recording of this issue? If you don’t want to post it publicly, feel free to send it to me as a private message.

This is a catch-22: FERPA rules are such that I can’t reveal who’s in the class.

This is the first time this happened, and it might be related to the fact that I am using groups in this project.

I’ll just live with it.