Student lost work


Student was working on an assignment in Replit. My class is not under Teams or EDU, it was just a normal REPL.

Student was coding and when running their code, wondered why the latest code was not being printed.

I had the student copy the code and paste it into Notepad where it confirmed that his last 30 mins of coding was indeed phantom and it did not actually exist on your server even though we all saw it with our own eyes and the student kept typing as if nothing was wrong for that entire time.

This happened to a different student last week and when we looked in History, it had not saved in almost an hour and code was also lost for that assignment.

If you offer autosave and history with restore points, it MUST be 100% defective free, or else why claim to offer it at all?

I mean, sometimes you just don’t know there’s an issue with something until it breaks. That’s the reason there’s bug reports here, because nothing’s perfect, there’s always going to be something that was missed.

Personally I’ve used Replit for the entirety of the time it’s had the history feature and never experienced any issues with it. :man_shrugging:

It’s also possible that this is a network related issue.

Just so that I understand a little better, is the issue that the student could type code and it would appear in the browser, but anything they typed would not be saved?


Yes, in both cases, students had typed code in their browser, clicked run and it would run only the old code every time. When they asked why it wasn’t running their new code, that’s when I investigated. Once we clicked View History, it forced a sync and then deleted all their current code. So it had not actually saved in either case after many minutes.


So it wasn’t updating with the new code? This sounds like the student is offline or not connected properly, could you check whether they have a stable internet connection if you experience this issue again?

Hi, We had stable internet connections when the issue occurred. Thanks!

Hey @DarrellCobb1!

I apologize for the delay on this. Are your students still seeing issues with their Repl? If so, could you send the link to the Repl so we can take a look?

Also, can you let us know the name of the file that was reset so we can attempt to restore it?

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It’s sad that something like this has happened, but it’s sometimes happens with me also, this is why I check it from time to time.

Hi @ShaneAtReplit,

Our students are out for Christmas break now, and I’ve only had the 2 student issues in total. If it happens again in the future, I will post with more info to help out, as it is now on my radar.


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