Student getting Authentication failed error when logging into Replit via Google

Hi! One (and only one!) of my students gets the error “Authentication failed, please try again.” when trying to log in with Google. I’m trying to have them join our team via Google classroom, so I’d like for them to log in that way. I’ve even tried them removing replit from known third-party sites and trying again with no luck.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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From my experience (I have had a couple of these), you just ask them to refresh the browser and try again, and it usually comes up after that. My students also log in through Google Classroom.

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Thanks, good idea!

Unfortunately, I’ve had them try this (and on different browsers on different machines) with no luck.

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Please have the student reset their password:

After resetting their password, the can use their Gmail and password to manually login.

I am sorry for the frustration.

Please email me the student emails that aren’t working:

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