Student can't run any work - RAM Limit Reached

One of my students can’t run any work. When she clicks Run the system hangs. In real resources there is a graphic saying the RAM is “At limit 917 + 3/512 MB”

Why is she getting this message if no other apps are open?

The macOS is Monterey Version 12.6.1 with 8 GB of memory.

Her ID is JeiryRodriguez

In repl resources? What kind of repl is this, right now i only know of one kind of repl that spontaneously gobbles ram, and it is a python repl. Is this a python repl?


The RAM usage isn’t about their computer, it’s about the virtual machine running their repl. Every repl has 1gb of RAM currently (although Replit’s UI misleads everyone into believing repls have less). If they don’t have enough RAM to run their program on Replit’s server, maybe they should try running it on their computer locally.


Thanks for the quick response. How can the student run locally instead of on Replit’s server

No it’s a website file.
Thank you for your response

It depends on the language. Which programming language is being used here?

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What is the repl doing as resources are limited but not that much to eb saturated super easily.