Student Can't Access Project

A few of my students are running into this issue where they are logged in but they can’t access a project they started last week in Teams for Edu. Reloading the page does not resolve the issue.

Edit: They have tried appending to the URL and that did not work. :frowning:

Try forking the repl?

Try closing the browser and reopening it?

tf is happening on here

Teams for Edu is being deprecated now (on a 1 day notice), so don’t expect anything to be fixed. Start exporting all lesson contents now.

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oh okay sorry i’m new

Happens to me too. Only surefire solution is to fork the Repl and use the Fork.

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It’s in Teams for Edu, so the student is unable to fork it. They are also using a Chromebook so there’s no way of trying it in a different browser or in incognito/private mode. The issue has been persisting for three days.

I “resolved” it by forking the project myself, deleting the original project, asking the student to open the project again, then copying their original files into the new project. Not a great solution since their project history is lost and there’s no assurance the issue won’t arise again.

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yea, sometimes the repl corrupts itself. this occurs occasionally, and there really isnt much you can do.

Try having them use this if Replit is unblocked:

Although, this will let your students access any website unblocked as a by-product, so you may not want to expose it to them.

The browser bypass Repls are against TOS iirc.


Wdym though? Like, if that’s not my intent? Because it’s a NixPkg

Well yeah when I was a mod we used to warn Repls that were made for the purpose of bypassing school limitations, but since it’s just “Firefox” idk if it would go under that category.