Student can only join a Team with a github / Google account?

When I set up a student Team I used to give the students the link and if they did not have an account they could type in a username and password and join the Team. Now it only appears you can do this if you have a Google / git hub account. We use Microsoft Teams and so this is not an option.

Is this a bug?



I am experiencing the same issue (starting 6 October - things worked just fine until 5 October) …

Same issue here as well, starting last week. Feels very strange that a change like this would just happen without any documentation.

Hi @estaves @calleanden1 @wgraf,

Can you share a few more details about the Edu teams that are impacted by this? Specifically looking for:

  1. Are you inviting students via link or via Google Classroom?
  2. Are these teams “privacy” teams that contain students under the age of 13?

Thanks for your help troubleshooting!

We were able to reproduce this and should have a fix pushed out in the next 30-60m.


Thank you! It works perfectly on my end now.

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Great! Works fine again.
Thank you!!!

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