Stuck on Day 61

So I’m following the onscreen instructions in the tutorial… but the options it’s saying to click on aren’t present on my screen. Trying to create a database and store a test value.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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code snippet

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@robjwanner Hi there. On the database tab, can you click the drop-down “How to use the database”?

Let me know if it then aligns with the instructions and video. If it’s just that we need to add a step to click the drop-down, that would be best-case, but if anything else needs updating, I can flag it to the team. Thanks!

I’m looking for the “insert” part or “Import the database” option. Please let me know if it’s just something right in front of my eyes that I’m missing, thanks

Hi @robjwanner . If you drag the database tab over to another pane (like your right-hand pane with the console), it will change to an “insert” option. The copy code works too – the insert is just more convenient.

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Thank you very much!

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Another question… why does it give me this message: “KeysView(<Database(db_url=…)>)” when attempting to view all keys?

@robjwanner Yeah, it looks like the instructions might need some updating. You are printing the KeysView object as opposed to the keys. If you convert it to a list, that should work better. Example:

from replit import db
db["test"] = "Hello there"
db["test2"] = "Nice to meet you"
keys = list(db.keys())

Ok merci bien je vais essayer