Strange imports's problem


I use a translator, so I’m sorry for any possible mistakes.
In my project workers-601 there are errors when importing data, namely from a file . None of the functions work, although I have not introduced any significant configuration changes.
The last time there were the same errors on the site, there was the same problem. Maybe there is such a mistake now? :3

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would you mind sending the error message? Perhaps it’s an error with Replit, not your code?

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The errors happen because your repl automatically installed a bad package with the same name as your module.
It installed this package.
Your code imports this package instead of your file, so there are errors.

To fix it, click three dots near your files and click “Show hidden files”.
Then, open .replit file. Under entrypoint variable line, put this:

disableGuessImports = true

Then, open the Shell and put this:

poetry remove hh

Now, your repl will not import or automatically install the bad hh package.