Strange folder in Python Repl?

So I created a brand new Python Repl, and there was a strange folder in it:

delete immediately it it’s a virus that will install lockbit on your system

Jk I have no idea what that is. Maybe replit is rolling out something new?


I also see a weird folder with a similar name when I create an HTML, CSS, JS repl.

Edit: I looked inside of the folder and saw that it contained pretty much exactly the same files and folders as the root folder.


Edit 2: Even blank Nix Repls have this bizarre folder.



I believe that folder is just a copy of your Repl, probably intended to be used on Replit’s servers. For whatever reason, it decided to copy it into the actual Repl itself.

I think it should be okay if you delete that folder. I tried it on a new Repl and nothing broke.

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I got the same folder with a new Pygame repl I made earlier

It seems like it contains super super hidden files that can’t be accessed using the Show Hidden Files button.

Does the folder actually exist in the Shell?

Idk, but I know that the .cache folder cannot be accesed, yet it does exist. It can be accessed in the new folder, so I assume it exists. Running dir in the shell does not reveal the folder, but when you try to create a new file with that name it says it already exists.

Try running ls -Ah, as that reveals hidden folders on the CLI.

Yep, .cache is there. It exists for sure.

Yes .cache is there, but I’d the weird working_subv folder there?

I’m running it on an old Repl, so no.

Edit: Do you want me to create a new Repl and try again?

I would, just to see if it’s an actual folder, or just something Replit is doing.

No, that strange folder isn’t there, nor is it in the filetree.

Huh. It is visible in the UI though right?

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Hey @QwertyQwerty88!

Can you send me the link to your Repl?

Are you still seeing the working_subv_* folders? We took a look at both Repls but weren’t able to see the folders.

Well I already deleted the Repl, and it doesn’t seem to be popping up anymore in new Repls.

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