Strange email when invite students in Classroom


I have invited one of my students via Classroom.
The email address of her account is really strange and it is impossible to modify it.
She can login via Google but it is really not her Google account email address.
Over that, there is no “Edit” button in her account page to change her email address.
What can I do ?

Thanks in advance for your help

This button is not located in her account settings? For the email to be changed, she has to change it herself.

Thanks for your answer but there is no “Edit” button. So, she can not change.

… contact your admin?
Is your student under 13? That strange email you’re seeing may be a dummy email that looks like Are you comfortable with sharing what the email looks like?

Yes it is a dummy email, and, no, my student is an adult.
I will ask to my admin. It’s very strange.

Hi @dluyten!
Whenever students are invited via Google Classroom, their accounts are created with a students No-reply Replit Teams email and it cannot be edited on their account settings since these accounts are intended to protect the students’ privacy in accordance to FERPA/COPPA.

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It was very strange.
For all my other students, the invite via Classroom integration was right.
But for this one (added a few days after the other in the team) everything was strange.
Even for her username. It was a long number. I had to change it with CLUI.