Strange blue-n-green string alongside the code lines in Node.js repl

Hi Replit Community!
I had a Node.js repl being run, when I noticed this weird string near the numbers of code lines (as shown on screenshots). It doesn’t do anything when I interact with it; it just… exists.

Does anyone know what is this or how to get rid of it?



Do you have git enabled? Those appear for me to show the git changes, and could probably be disabled in settings.

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Thanks for your respond! Could you, please, show where this string can be disabled?

After looking through settings, I can’t seem to find a setting. You may just have to disable git in your repl.

I’m looking for such a setting, but it doesn’t seem I can find it. Could you attach a screenshot where you’ve found it?

try after you run in Shell:

rm -rf .git

and do Ctrlf5


He made a typo. He meant that he didn’t find the setting.


It worked for me! Thanks for help!

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This is a known issue for Repls that have the Git integration active. Our workspace engineers are working on a fix.


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