Strang URL in console html code

thanks for reading my post. My url is only contain “/”, help me.

That’s normal, it’s just showing that after your URL it’s / which is index.html.

If you want to view your full URL, press the New Tab button.


I want this url with format .co like this guy.

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That format has been removed. It’s now unless you deploy.

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Well, that’s been removed. You now have to deploy and you’ll get *


that’s mean I have to pay, right?

No, not unless you go past your egress (outbound data transfer) limits. You do have to connect a credit card, though.


Oh I see, thanks guys for helping me!

Sorry I’m new to the world of coding :sweat_smile:
How can I uptime my code after this update??

Like I said, you have to deploy your Repl.

I’m sorry but I don’t know how

No worries!

Replit’s documentation explains how to.


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