Storing files with Replit DB

Does anyone know how to store images or videos in Replit DB?


Optimally you would just use files, but you could base64 encode them to a string. And then put that string in the DB


There truly isn’t a right approach, but as @dragonhunter1 pointed out, the only right way is to base64-encode the image(s) and enter them into the database. Also welcome to the community @sonicx180!


If I were to use files, I need to make it so everyone can see the uploaded files(When display by the front end. I’m making a social media platform.). And how would I do this with a Flask post request? Thanks for your help!

Could you please send me a link to your repl so that I can analyze it and find a solution?

Here is a function that serves files, if this is what you are looking for. (This works with any flask request)


Never mind, I was able to figure out this code myself. Thanks!

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I was able to figure out this code myself. Thanks for your help!


Just a little more request, can you mark your “figured out how to fix” as solution so people like me won’t come in for help before finding out it is being solved?


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