Storage limitation on Teams Pro

I am part of a Teams Pro account and I am trying to fork a multiplayer project that I have worked with a colleague using my personal account. The fork is hitting storage limit restriction of 1GB. How does the storage limit of Teams Pro work and why am I hitting this 1GB limit?

Repls traditionally had a 1GB storage limit, regardless of your total account storage. This must be a bug.


Hey @AvishekBanerje3 :wave:!

This is working as intended, Team Repls are subject to the 1 GiB limit per-Repl limit. Forking under a personal account is the way to go for Repls > 1GiB

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That seems rather counter intuitive. I’m not exactly sure how is a Teams Pro account of much use then if it has inferior resource quotas than an Individual Pro account. We’d rather cancel our Teams Pro account then.
Anyways, thanks for the response.

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