Still no way to turn off auto closing parenthesis?

I’ve seen many questions about this but they’re all 2 years+ old. Is there still no way to turn off replit automatically completing with parenthesis and similar characters once you type them in?
examples: () [] {} "" ''
This completely breaks the flow of coding for some people. Freshly typing the code works normally as it overwrites the one that was automatically typed in by replit, but it turns into an annoyance in some situations that the code is already written, and you wanna change some things but every single instance of those characters you type creates another one in front of it that requires you to go to the arrow keys or the mouse to delete it. We can turn of code intelligence for years now but it doesn’t apply to this.

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Hi @LENNONJESUS2, welcome to the forums!

Not exactly. If you just type the closing parentheses as if there wasn’t already one placed for you, then instead of placing another, it will just skip over the one automatically placed.

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But that won’t apply to all situations. An example of what happened today, I accidentaly made lots of codes using " when I was actually supposed to use '
So when I went to change it, it was annoying, because say if the code was like this:

I would delete one of the " and replace it by ', but the editor kept adding another ', making me delete every time I wanted to change things;

There’s no reason for them to not add this option.

Ctrl + H. Find " and replace with '.

I agree, though.



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Is that alo one? I usually use CtrlF.

Ctrl + F is find. Ctrl + H is find and replace. I’m really surprised most people don’t know about it.

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But wouldn’t that require you click the left arrow on the keyboard or click the mouse to go back on the line to write the opening parenthesis? (im too lazy to do that when codin)

What? I meant to do that after you already typed the opening parenthesis. Sorry for confusion I guess.

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when you type in the opening parenthesis it autocloses it, but your cursor is- your cursor is-, OHHhhhhhhhh. Yeah you’re right!

Sorry for posting on a dead topic, but this feature needs to be on replit. Using autotypers is extremely annoying due to auto-closing.