Status tab is gone

The status tab is just gone:

Problem in the title. The status tab, where I can see my active repls, is just gone. On the replit docs, the tab should be right next to the community tab but it is evidently not

Another Question

How to I force a repl to go to sleep once I’m done with it in regular replit so that I can use it in firewalled?

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It seems like the Status tab was removed recently.

However, there is another way to be able to use firewalled replit right after regular replit, perhaps even better than using the Status page:
Type kill 1 in the Shell and close the browser tab immediately. Now, you can open the repl from firewalled mode without problem.
(kill 1 basically restarts the repl and has the same effect as stopping it from the cover page.)
If a regular user were to join the firewalled user, it would work as long as the firewalled user is on the repl because they started the session first.