Static deployments are no longer free?

I was under the assumption that Static deployments would be free for all accounts but I recently saw this screenshot from the docs:

Is this true?


Yes, replit deployments are payed. This is only if you go over the egress imit.

I think you mean “Yes, you have to pay for replit deployments.”

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Static deployments are free with 10GiB of egress. However, you must add a payment method incase of overages. I’ve just tested this on an alt so it’s definitely accurate at the moment.

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So it’s just a docs mistake?

Yes, that appears to be the case


So would it be free for everyone or do we have to pay and when cause I need my replits working, so will it be free and when or do we gotta pay?

Replit said that they will make Static Deployments free without needing a credit card. We don’t know when.

Thanks, will it be free for always or only a limited time?

I believe it will always be free.