Starting Deployment

The first step to deployment is " Next, ensure that your Repl can build your website into static files and take note of the directory. For example, if you are using Vite , you can run npm run build or npx vite build in the workspace’s shell tool to initiate the build process. Once that is complete, you should see a dist directory in your Repl’s file tree (or whichever output directory your framework uses)."
I am not using Vite, so what do I use to run in the shell and initiate the build process? I am just using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Then you should just deploy as static, no need to build anything.


Then why does the doc say to make sure my website can build into static files first? What will happen if I don’t do this?

If you’re using HTML/CSS/JS, you’re already using static files. There is nothing to build.