Started a new project but cannot print

I started a new project choosing python as template. I try to print (“hello world”)
but nothing shows up. I attached a picture to show what is happening. I run the code in

in .replit, entrypoint = “”

Repl link:

code snippet

I see poetry.lock is open as one of the tabs. Did you edit anything in that?

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Have you tried re-running the program?

It may work.

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nothing edited, already tried starting multiple projects. I basically just start a project then try to print

I have tried clearing my browser cache and reopening the browser and starting multiple projects

Could you try zooming in/out? Apparently there’s an issue with screen resolution that is causing the output to not show.


Glancing at your screenshot here, it looks like the project isn’t actually saved and up to date (un-checked cloud above the files sidebar). Are you out of account storage by chance @danielquinio?


thank you, apparently I have must zoomed out by accident at some point and did not realize it. zoom out caused it to not show properly for some reason

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Glad to help @danielquinio!

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