Start service regularly with CronJob


I’m currently using the hacker plan with its always on feature to run a service every 10 Minutes to check for some new data. The app itself is stateless, so it doesn’t has to run 24/7 continuously.
With the new deployment feature the always on feature turns into a quite expansive “reserved VM”, which I’m not willing to pay. I guess the preferred way is to use the new autoscale feature. But is there a way to manually trigger an app start every x minutes?

Thanks for your reply!

Hi @heikode , welcome to the forums!
Autoscale Deployments are used for websites, not bots like these.
The only way to Deploy is via Reserved VM Deployments, which cost 40 Cycles (40 cents) a day.

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Cronjob deployments have been talked about before and is (hopefully) on Replit’s roadmap, as said in their blog post:

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I don’t know if this would work, but if you set up an HTTP server, you can make your server ping itself using node-fetch for Node, requests for Python, etc. and it should MAYBE keep it awake (don’t count on it).