Stack overflow extension

If and once I get access to extensions I will make a stack overflow extension


What will this do exactly?


allow you to easily browse stackoverflow without changing your tab


i am starting to get to work on the extension tho i will have to go without docs :frowning:

i like challenges i am planning on using a combo of things to make this possible and it might end of being private but i will complete it at all costs

might also be hard bcs i dont have beta lol

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Hi! This can easily be made, but since Replit uses iframes I do not know if it will work first try without any proxy for security.

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Why not just open Stackoverflow and then have side-by-side tabs?

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doing it without the docs is a bit (impossible)

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doing extensions with the docs is also (slightly less) impossible

Half the stuff isn’t documented so I’m having to look at the JSON viewer code lol

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Lol yeah I’m trying to do a comb through of the API and it is super weirdly coded

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No it’s not, @bigminiboss sent me the Repl template before I had access to the docs and I could figure stuff out. The JS library Replit made for extensions to interact with Repl’s is just in a script tag, so you can follow the link and see the source code and figure it out from there, but you can’t test it without having access to the command for loading the current Repl as an extension.


you’re welcome would you like to continue to be notified?

Ummm… not really? Depends what you mean… But also you realise you’re human right?

Ok yall lost me on those 2 replies because they seemed random from my eyes.

Can you guys explain what you meant on those 2 replies?

bigminiboss @mentioned me (and a whole lot of other people you might’ve met around here) on Replit when they found the extension template so I could see it and I think now they are intending to be some kind of ‘human notifier’ and when something new like the extensions template comes out, notify those who are ‘subscribed’…

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10 BEFORE i posted that i got beta and i did not know util i look at email

lmao I put that as a joke but yes if you want me to keep mentioning you just tell me :wink: