Sqlite-jdbc connection

How do I resolve cannot find sqlite-jdbc driver issue

private static boolean checkDrivers() {

        try {
            DriverManager.registerDriver(new org.sqlite.JDBC());
            return true;
        } catch (ClassNotFoundException | SQLException classNotFoundException) {
            Logger.getAnonymousLogger().log(Level.SEVERE, LocalDateTime.now() + ": Could not start SQLite Drivers");
            return false;

You did install sqlite-jdbc, right? You should be able to locate it in Packages tab.

There is also another unrelated issue.
Due to liberty in the specification, it is possible that the reference to org.sqlite.JDBC will be attempted to be loaded before it is executed (parse class file, sees the new org.sqlite.JDBC, looks up the class), so it’ll error instead of being caught in the try block.
Instantiate via reflection or ensure it is present.

I got it. Still brushing up basics. I ran the code after adjusting the compile and run com ands.