Sqlite editor would be wonderful

Describe your Extension idea

Have an editor for sqlite file, be able to create tables, make queries on a sqlite file

What problem(s) would this Extension solve?

It is easy to create a sqlite file but there is no built-in way to look into the data inside
When we want to look at a sqlite file, we need to create specific code. An extension would be perfect

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this Extensions request

I’m alsways happy to put my data in a sqlite database because i love to query with SQL.
But I’m always thinking about how to debug when data is in a package that is not so easy to look at



SQL query or db? For the db, there is a built in way to look inside, and it is very helpful. Run sqlite3 <your db name> .dump

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i should run that in the shell ?
i have started sqlite3 but it seems to be a console only tool.

I would like to have a graphical way of looking at the inside of a sqlite database.db file :slight_smile:


It is a shell tool, and you could probably make a visual wrapper around it.

I am just giving you a built-in way, in my personal opinion, this is a great idea but seem like something someone would make after users can make their own extensions. (As SQLite is still usable without an extension)

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oh yes of course it is not mandatory to have this extension but i think that would be a good one for Python users :slight_smile:


Wait, python? Not SQLite? Now you have me confused.

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Users of Sqlite in general, but i’m using sqlite with Python
But of course the extension would be available everywhere sqlite database can be found