Sports card site

I have programed a fully functioning sports card site. I’d highly appreciate if anyone could five feedback, bug reports, buy a card or two from the site, donate or sub to the newsletter!
The site is called Star Cards.

BTW, two new MJ’s from 1991 are available – pls buy!


That’s awesome! love the ui!

PLS buy or sub the newsletter tsym!

OMg Freddie is on the main page!!!

Is there going to be a marketplace where users can post listings for cards?

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maybe. people will have to buy more from it though. you can help by buying a few cards!

This looks sick man! Do you own all of these cards?

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Me and my friends do! Feel free to buy a few! Two Michael Jordan cards from 1991 are up there for CRAZY low prices! Me and my friends are just trying to earn a little cash for fun :). Donating would be awesome too!

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I am only interested in baseball cards but that’s a nice Freddie Freeman :ok_hand:

There’s a new super-rare Chris Taylor! You can only find it on eBay and only ONE person on ebay is selling it and we sell for a 5-dollar lower price!

If you’d like, the Freddie Freeman could be yours in a matter of a week! Just pay the small two dollars and it’ll ship as soon as possible! It would be awesome if you would be a first buyer. I’ll give you a special discount or maybe even a free card :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: if you become our first customer! No joke!

Would you pay for me to sell my cards to you?

If we had the money, we would, 100%, but we have only had a few donations and no real orders, so we don’t have enough money to spend on buying new cards. I can run it through my CEO once we do have enough money, but rn, we need a little more money. If you could buy or help us reach our set income for this month, you would gain awesome discounts and eventually, yes, we would buy your cards!

For now, pls buy or donate so we can build up enough cash to help support induvial like you! TSYM if you could be a few of our low-priced cards!!!

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This looks awesome! How do you guys ship stuff?

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Put it in a case so it doesn’t get bent and mail it off around the world!

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The site looks very nice :smiley:
Some (optional) tips to make your site even better (it’s already amazing):

  • Make the footer separate and add some padding
  • Add a small line under the active tab
  • Maybe make the buttons change color on hover instead of changing border radius

Would u like to buy something @Yang-Yi-Shen?

But do you guys use UPS, USPS or something else?

Noted, @MiloCat! Will do when I have the chance!

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Some cards are as cheap as a dollar or two! When you do gain the ability to purchase, would you then like to?

whatever’s fastest when the time comes!