Spinning logo for graphics replits

I (and several students) have had many replits just stop showing graphics and instead show the spinning logo. Reloading, clearing cache, and switching browsers all sometimes work, but not with any consistency.

Can you please add a way for us to force quit your server instance or something similar?

In multiple classes I have had to resort to using a locally installed IDE and my students have had to just write code without any ability to test it on their Chromebooks. Here is the one that refused to work today https://replit.com/@MrKinney/Spinning-Wheel-of-Death during the third period of doing the same thing. Periods 1 and 3 worked fine, but period 4 broke and I so I switched and wrote it in Eclipse and copied and pasted the code back into the replit for easier sharing after the class was over. It is broken for me in both Chrome and Safari.

Thank you for any help!