Specific repl takes too long to load

Maybe this has been happening to other people but I don’t know. I would also like to mention that, although I have not tried forking the repl, I would really not like to as a lot of people have the correct link and also I have mentioned my website in other places and I don’t want to change the link. This has been happening for multiple weeks and it’s getting annoying, as none of my other repls take this long to load.

Problem Description:
This ONE specific repl is taking forever to load. This happens in the IDE, not the website because this is in HTML/CSS/JS. I would measure the time but once it is loaded, it usually does not occur for, say an hour maximum. I would say that the Repl takes a ~1min to load up, maybe a little more.

Expected behavior:
All my repls take only 7 seconds maximum to load. Any language takes about 7 seconds, that’s it. It is only this one (Link will be provided below). Even intensive repls load in about 7-10 seconds.

Actual behavior:
This repl takes a FULL MINUTE, most of the time more. This repl is not intensive, and it, in theory, should have no trouble loading up the IDE. But if I refresh or such, then it doesn’t really take that long, the usual 7 seconds.

To make myself clear, I go on the link, then the website loads and the Run button says “Working” and the files as well as the currently displayed file (indicated by the #index.html at the end of the URL) are just gray lines at where the code should be.

Steps to reproduce:
Here is a screenshot:

I don’t know if you can replicate it yourself as it is the IDE that is slow.

Bug appears at this link:
This is the repl


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