Sound doesn't play

Problem description:
Sound works in workplace but not in any other place!

Expected behavior:
i added a2 songs in my repl, the got to play in every link!

Actual behavior:
but it only works in workspace! and sometimes don’t even work properly, says file not found.

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox browser/Android mobile/1+ other

Sound in replit is known to be buggy, I recommend just making a website.

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have at the top of your .replit file

audio = true
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Note that that does not work on Safari IOS or other OS+Browser combos

Go look at me"listen to some times" repl
I made it!


Nice! How does it work?

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Can you link to this repl so others who will have this issue in the future can see how you did it?

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but it doesn’t seem to work…

fork repl and play sound in workplace!

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thats left to solve but it works in workshop, try!

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