Someone Able To Give A Talk On Nix?

I run a meetup here in Detroit, Michigan and we love to talk about more cutting-edge stuff in software development. I love what I’m seeing with Nix but I don’t feel qualified to do an introductory talk on the topic. Seeing that ReplIt is using Nix (or at least it looks like they are) I was hoping maybe someone from ReplIt might be able to give an introductory talk to our community. It’d be virtual (I know that you all are west coast) and I’m just looking for an introduction to the topic. If anyone would like to give an introductory talk on Nix (whether you work for ReplIt or not) please reach out to me–either here or via email –redacted–).


Hi, there @OnorioCatenacc1!

I’d actually think it would be better to contact Nix directly or post on their community forums, as the staff team here may be too busy with their current work to set aside time. (You may be able to get a Nix community member to do a speech, and they might be able to dive a little deeper if you are interested)


Hi @OnorioCatenacc1 thanks for your message. I agree with @bobastley , asking Nix for suggestions would be more effective especially as the proposed talk is Nix related.

I’ve also removed your email address from the public forum. Users are welcome to DM each other but please do not share email addresses publicly.


Thanks both of you! Yeah I was inclined to ask on the Nix discord server but I’m not even sure if one can post there until he’s approved. Thanks for the feedback regardless and sorry about posting my email address.