Some tips to get your Repls popular

Hi, I’m CoderGautamYT, Replit’s 2nd most followed creator and maker of some very popular Repls. I’ve seen many people struggle with the “algorithm” or getting their Repls seen by others. I too have faced this issue, and here are 5 tips which I feel would be helpful to the community on promoting their Repls.

These have been especially useful to me for creating and promoting my massively popular Repl which has recently hit 300K runs and gains about 1-2K runs daily.

  1. Keep updating your Repls: It’s essential to keep your Repls updated and make improvements to them over time. This shows that you’re invested in your project and that you care about providing a quality experience for your users. It also helps to keep your Repls fresh and relevant, which can attract new users and keep existing ones engaged. A lot of people work on their Repl for days, but never update it after launch which basically kills of the Repl and you won’t get any new users.

  2. Don’t rely on Replit solely for promoting your Repls: A lot of people make this mistake. They publish their Repl and get super annoyed when it’s stuck at 0 runs. It’s partly a problem with Replit, but it’s also a problem with you. Tell your friends about your new Repls and share them online through social media, forums, or other channels. Getting the snowball rolling especially right after publishing your Repl, is the only way for Replit to notice your repl, and start promoting it.

  3. Respond to comments and listen to feedback: Interacting with your users is a crucial aspect of promoting your Repls. When someone comments on your Repl, be sure to respond and show that you care about your users. I get it most Replit users don’t really post the best positive comments, but it’s essential to learn how to deal with that negativity to make your Repl stand out and rise to the top.

  4. Encourage people to like and share but don’t annoy them: It’s okay to ask people to like and share your Repls (in fact it’s really good for being promoted on the Community tab), but don’t overdo it or become annoying, as it can do the opposite effect. You can include a message in your Repl description or social media posts, but make sure it’s not intrusive or spammy.

  5. Don’t change code on your Repl while it is public and don’t let your Repl go offline: This is a huge one. Making changes to your Repl while it’s public can break it and cause problems for your users. Instead, use another Repl for development and testing. Also, make sure your Repl doesn’t go offline by using Replit powerups, a pinger, or the new Deployments feature. This ensures that people can always access your Repl, which is crucial for promoting it effectively and you won’t lose any precious users.

To sum it up, Replit is an amazing place to grow and build apps that people actually use. But most people are never discovered because of some few simple mistakes. Fixing these mistakes lets you actually beat the algorithm and go viral.

Let me know what you think, and looking forward to seeing you on the trending page!

- CoderGautamYT


Would making nginx only send requests from the user’s IP to the development server and having both development and production versions of things on the same repl also work?

Yeah that works too, but might require some setup of NGiNX on the Repl.

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I usually already have nginx set up on most of my things, but that could be an issue…