Some feature reqs

Describe your feature request

  • Add an option so that you can enable dev mode in settings and reorganize Replit webpages how you’d like
  • add way to mass organize repls and move into folders on repls tab
  • make 100 days of code repls automatically go into 100 days of code folder
  • add option to expand tab that shows recently opened repls
  • add wat to mass organize files in a repl
  • make clui more prominent
    What problem(s) would this feature solve?
    Would allow for more customization and organization
    Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
    I thought of some problems o had with Replit
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All my hard work manually moving 100 Days of Code Repls into their own folder… down the drain XD


I mean GQL coulda done it in 5 minutes


I mean tbh it probably didn’t take more than like 10 minutes to do it, and for me, it’d probably take a couple hours (at the least) to figure out how to do it with GQL, so I’m good


I meant 5 min total XD (for me, idk about you :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah does anybody have a Repl that can organize your Repls for you (I would prefer Python but am willing to learn almost anything)? I would love to sort them by name into folders automatically as the way Replit does it now is so hard (I can’t select multiple items at once).

I also need to do that lol

I need that gimme! I wouldn’t have to spend so much time organizing!

I can’t, sorry, I’m just saying XD

what’s wat? anyone, help?

Why not :frowning:
It’s not like it can be abused?


Sorry but that’s just how it is

wat is a typo of way


GraphQL can be abused, which is why GraphQL mutations are obviously not allowed for use with malicious intent, and also generally not really allowed. You probably shouldn’t really be using GQL without permission from a Replit team/staff member or a Replit mod or making sure what you are doing is okay first, and you definitely shouldn’t be using them if you don’t know what they are.

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Wait, so how many rules did I break by using it? Also how many rules did I break by having it publicly available on my repl?

As long as you’re not advertising the GQL to anyone or inviting people to that Repl, it should be fine. Just be careful in future, because if the Replit staff/mods aren’t happy with whatever you do with GQL you will be warned by the staff and potentially banned if you continue doing whatever you were warned for.

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How could reorganizing repls be abused? The only way I could think of would be spamming the mutation moving repls around very quickly creating stress on the servers, but couldn’t any query do that?

Because reorganising Repls is by far not the only thing you can do with GQL, you can do a lot more. An example of a recently banned GQL mutation query is automated following.

An example of a recently banned GQL mutation query is automated following.

But ik how to do that :0
Tho I’m talking about how the specific mutation, reorganizing repls, how it couldn’t really be abused

oh. I thought wat was a tool for something