Some crashed files

Addition: I don’t speak spoken English, so IF you have the opportunity to write in Russian, I would be very happy. This is only a request, not a decree!!! I also ask you to forgive me if I incorrectly specified the support section.

Description of the problem: Breakdown of files and folders in the project. Inability to open any files, opens and functions only .

Expected behavior: I installed the ffmpeg package via the terminal, but I got the error OSErrror [errno 5] input/output. After this error, my program has never been able to start, always throwing the exception described above

Actual behavior:

Playback Steps: Due to the fact that my files do not open and do not work, I tried to create a new project, and I wanted to copy my own Python files, but they also did not open, giving an error, after which the page was reloaded. I tried to copy my own files through the OS library, but it didn’t work there either. IF possible, please help me get my job back :33333

The error appears on this link: Here is the link of my project:
additional tags
**Device: Android **
**Desktop application Version: 2.53.2
** Plan: Free **

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