SolverProblemError exception

Pardon me because I am still new to Replit and Poetry. I decided to stop using pip and restart the entire project with poetry in mind because one of the modules, datatable could not load. So I pulled the branch from my GitHub repo using git remote and git fetch commands.

I decided to import from the requirements.txt file using poetry add $(cat requirements.txt). It loaded as displayed in the pyproject.toml file.

But whenever I try to run poetry install or poetry update, I get this exception:

It gives that error for all dependencies. I also noticed that the dependencies resolver loops forever, even after the obvious changes appear in the pyproject.toml file. And nothing gets included in my poetry.lock file no matter the poetry commands I use.

What is happening. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Try doing poetry lock first, maybe.

I’d recommend trying installing the modules manually, perhaps something broke when you cat’d directly into poetry.