(Solved) Files do not upload to the highlighted folder

Problem description:
When uploading files from the phone, it uploads them to the root directory instead of the folder it is highlighted on.

Expected behavior:
The files should upload into the folder.

Actual behavior:
The files/folders upload into the root directory.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on a folder.
  2. Click “Upload file”.
  3. Select a file.
  4. File uploads into the root directory instead of the folder.

Google Chrome/iOS/iPhone


Are you dragging and dropping files?

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This also occurs on a laptop computer using the web editor


No clicking the upload button and then uploading files from it.

But it does work when i drag and drop files, though i prefer using the upload button.

Should I mark it as solution?

That’s the expected behavior, the upload button shouldn’t upload into a directory.

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