So happy we can do this now

I’m delighted to announce that we can now use Visual Studio Code to code our Repls, which is a huge development for those of us who dislike the Replit IDE. For those using Linux, here’s a tutorial (I believe this requires Hacker level or above, or Teams Pro; note that Python repls can become quite large):

  1. Create a new Repl.

  2. Navigate to the SSH tool.

  3. Generate an SSH key (you may need to use PowerShell on Windows to execute the terminal command).

  4. Click on “Add SSH Key.”

  5. Launch Visual Studio Code.

  6. Add the “Remote - SSH” extension.

  7. Click on “Remote Explorer.”

  8. Hover over “SSH,” and click the “+” icon.

  9. Copy and paste the quick start command from Replit, then press “Enter.”

  10. Press “Enter” again to use the default SSH config path.

  11. Hover over “REMOTE,” and click the refresh arrow.

  12. Hover over the Repl host, and click the arrow.

  13. You should now have access to the repl in Visual Studio Code! (Sometimes you may need to try again.)


And I was wanting this feature for months, finally I figured it out with the “SSH into your Repl” feature.

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All paid plans provide SSH into Repls. =)

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