"site can't be reached"

I keep getting this error whenever I hit run: d270e120-1291-4d69-b015-eaa3be4c65d1-00-1hd2i0tx325on.pike.replit.dev unexpectedly closed the connection.

It was previously working, so I don’t understand this!

Does anyone else have this issue?

Hi @anayamar !
Can you try clicking the New Tab button and see if the website works?
Hope this helps!


Hi @anayamar. I believe I responded to your support ticket about the same issue. This should be resolved. I checked your account and all looks good.

Please logout of Replit and clear your browser cache to see the fix applied. Alternatively, you can test in Chrome Incognito or another browser, or even another device altogether.

When testing, you can click the “New tab” button on the Webview as well to test which is a bit more reliable (as @NateDhaliwal suggested).


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