Simple Typing App

I created a simple and minimalistic typing app where you can see how fast you type as well as share your results! Any feedback is appreciated! Is there anything I could add?

Try it out


Nice! I somehow got it nearly perfectly (with 42 words per minute), even with two keys (O and I) on my keyboard broken.
Maybe add a favicon and improve the content that shows in the Discourse onebox UI?

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I think this is fantastic!

I’ve got far worse accuracy than @9pfs1 though! Need to work on that!

You still were faster, although I’m assuming that your keyboard still has all 26 letter keys intact. :slight_smile:

There is a favicon, I think it’s just failing to load :cry:
May I ask what a Discourse onebox UI is?

The thing that Discourse shows when the link’s alone on its own line.

Very nice!

I’m with @IanAtReplit here - this is fantastic!


99% accuracy, 50 words per minute. Is that fast or slow? I’d like to be a faster typer but I’ve never really liked the way how people tell you to put your fingers on the middle row and move your fingers. I personally think I’m faster the way I do it.

Pretty slow to be honest…

I think touch typing is the fastest way to go. I use touch typing and I can type around 130-140 wpm

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I searched it up, it looks scary. Also what I was trying to avoid…
Image result for touch typing. Size: 216 x 160. Source:
You have to move your fingers like waayyy too much.

It’ll get easier as you learn and it’s very rewarding in the end. I went from around 40 wpm to around 80 wpm when I first started!


59 wpm first try

YOOO insane wpm!!!

rookie numbers :roll_eyes:

I’m not that good at Typing

Also backspace and D don’t work that much on my keyboard.