Simple Discord Music Bot (With Wavelink+Lavalink (python))

Hello everyone!

I’ve been away from development on Replit for a while due to various freelance projects (in addition to my regular job). This is a project I’ve been wanting to launch for some time, and I finally set aside some time to start it.

I noticed that there are many music bots scattered around Replit, but when I started, I wanted one that was as basic as possible so I could implement my own commands. However, all the ones I found had some sort of issue, either being too outdated or too complex to work properly.

So, I decided to create the most basic bot from scratch that requires minimal effort to function. With that said, this is a music bot with simple commands and straightforward functionality. The code is completely open, and you can customize the bot as you wish.

This bot uses the Wavelink library and the Lavalink server. The instructions explain how you can set up a Lavalink server right on Replit. If you want to set it up on another host, just let me know, and I’ll help you.

The bot stream YouTube and Spotify music.

In the future, I might make some changes, but they will be as simple as possible since I want to keep this bot as straightforward as can be.