Simple Artist Page

A simple website artist page for music artists:


Nice! It’s clean and minimalistic. The colour scheme is very interesting, I feel like it’s very different to generic colour schemes and I like it, only thing is the copyright is barely visible so I think you might want to make it darker so there’s more contrast.

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I might keep it on font-weight: lighter; and maybe make the size larger, or should the boldness just be changed?

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I love the buttons with the background color! Maybe make the buttons a grey/black, instead of completely black?

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Maybe… I might use the accent color (darkgoldenrod) instead.


n o v i d e o s 1 3 0 s u b s


i like it

I took all my videos down, had 50k views or around there before that

Why? Are you going to make more content?

Speaking of content

uhh what the…
well that just happend

nah just didn’t like the videos and don’t really care about it (focusing more on tennis, ice skating, I’m also very busy at the moment and for this whole month: Grade trip (out of state multi day trip for school), tennis all day tournament (first one today second 31st and a match 29), ice skating with some friends this weekend, school dance, school week long event, and more very busy month and end of this month)

i understand dude
i go through that all the time lol