Showcasing.. Mining Simulator 1.0

Hey yall. Mining simulator
yeah probably not as good as the ones in roblox because yes
pls report bug in comment section I will squish the bug asap lmk
first few people will get a boost ( beta testing )
yeah thats pretty much t :3
dont mind this


Update 1

This is the first update for Mining Simulator, which includes:

  • Fixing bugs that break the game
  • Now shows all the ores that you mined during a mining session
  • The rebirth upgrade is out! Buy the upgrade to get 0.2 times more profit when you sell it! This will make mining so much easier!
  • The rebirth upgrades now also has a maximum upgrade function that upgrades the upgrade to the max level. I will add this to the levelling tool soon. ( in the next update probably )

Side notes from devs : We are working on a special update soon. But for now, we are giving people first time boost packs to beta test the game. Boost packs last until the next update ( upd 2 ) but for those who got the boost packs will be able to keep them, as a reward for beta testing the game. Hope you enjoy the wonderful update.

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Update 1.1

Small update. Nothing special, this includes:

  • squashing like 1 or 2 more bugs
  • Making a Buy max upgrades option to everything except miners. I can’t afford any more time to do miners. I will do miners later.
  • Fixed total number of the ores you mined.
    Developer notes: Please report bugs down in the comments section. Thank you have a great and wonderful and beautiful and fat and I dont know what to put here and day.

Update 1.2

Another Mini update from 1.1, Heres what we have in store for you:

  • minor bug fixes where you get an indent error when buying the max rebirth upgrades and stuff
  • another bug where you are stuck in the rebirth upgrade shop, you can never exit it once you enter the shop. Added a case 'back' tht breaks the loop so you will exit from the function.
  • Added buy max upgrades for everything now, everything should be running smoothly. Please report any bugged prices when buying stuff lol

Dev notes: Please continue to report bugs in the comment section, have a great day. Keep in mind when update 2 comes the beta test pack ( which contains rebirths and stuff ) will be removed. If you run the code from < update 2 and below, you will auto-redeem the beta test perks. So you do not need to press anything or a secret code to redeem it.

Update 2

Another update, lets go! This update includes:

  • Capping miners to a limit of 200 WITHOUT REBIRTHS, increases by 35 every rebirth.
  • the beta testing boost is now gone. Thank you for participating in Mining Simulator Beta!
  • Capping leveling up your tools to a MAXIMUM of 300 WITHOUT REBIRTHS, increases by 55 every rebirth.
  • Fixed rebirth prices going absolutely nuts.
  • Fixed a bug where you press eg. [2] which signals for back and it does not break the loop.
  • Rebirthing now RESETS ALL YOUR PROGRESS. However, ALL rebirth perks ( eg. sale rate increase ) will stay.
  • Fixed an error where gems are not given correctly.

Capping the levelling tool and miners is to ensure that the player WILL not go off limits and reach numbers like 1e+100 or whatever. As it will be too broken. Instead, the tool and miner upgrades are now CAPPED at a certain level.

What is in store for you for the next Update?

Mining speed, decreases the time for that ‘Mining…’ printing to get cleared, which will increase your mining speed in the long run. This will be placed in the rebirth upgrades.

Mining Yield, Increases the chance of your miners to mine more ores! Which will also be placed in the rebirth upgrade section.

Fixing more bugs and errors

Side notes from dev: Hope you all enjoy this wonderful update of balancing the game from being broken. Have a nice day!